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Infrastructure planning

We assist in devising and comparing financial plans and delivery approaches for projects that involve public or private financing, project revenues and grants — and provide support to clients in their implementation of those plans.

Our infrastructure capabilities includes:

  • Smart mobility and cities – support local and regional governments achieve mobility in cities
  • Infrastructure strategic planning and policy
  • Infrastructure procurement and transaction advice
  • Infrastructure delivery and program management
  • Strategic capital management and transactions, including improving liquidity and credit availability, cash management or underperformance
  • Exit – government asset sales and divestments
  • Technology and information and communication technology (ICT) strategy and process improvements


Our sector experience and collaborative approach help to deliver innovative services that meet the challenges of today’s infrastructure projects:

  • Delivering a robust business case
  • Managing portfolio and capital allocations more efficiently
  • Defining and delivering a successful project
  • Identifying and managing risk
  • Managing stakeholder agendas and engagement


Our government and capital agenda service focus on managing capital and transactions:

  • Preserving: solidifying credit rating; building a stronger profit and loss (P&L); preserving existing assets; and minimizing costs, turnaround plans, restructuring services, decision-making and analytics modeling
  • Optimizing: asset operational efficiency, optimizing asset portfolios, project evaluation and selection, optimizing organizational structure, and institutional frameworks